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KC Grip makes slippery surfaces safer.

This wet floor in a lobby isn't dangerous when treated by KC GripOur anti-slip floor treatment is safe for any interior or exterior surface.

Slippery floors have been an expensive liability for property managers, hotels, restaurant owners, homeowners, assisted living homes and even architects for years.

KC Grip provides a new and safe solution to help combat the dangers of slippery floor surfaces. Not just a coating, our application works at the micro-pore level to improve traction, making your slippery surfaces safer. With no residue, the appearance of your floors is not changed in any way. Our Anti-Slip treatments meet or exceed ADA guidelines to prevent slip-and-falls.

KC Grip’s solution to a widespread problem is being used by many safety conscience companies that understand that safety and risk management are an integral part of their business.

Our anti-slip floor treatment is safe for any interior or exterior surface. It is applied quickly and conveniently without any major work disruptions to your home or business environment. Once our non-slip treatment is applied, it’s easy to maintain and clean just as you always have. The only difference is that now the surface becomes safer and slip resistant when wet.

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